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About us

PRIVATE has been a global leader in adult entertainment since 1965, from creating the world’s first colour adult magazine to bringing you hundreds of stunning film productions starring the top names in the industry. From the beginning, only the finest quality has been allowed under the world-renowned PRIVATE brand.

Now PRIVATE has decided to bring you a line of male masturbator products, featuring PRIVATE Tubes, PRIVATE To Go, PRIVATE Turbo and a PRIVATE Suction base. With the introduction of this exciting collection, you can now experience your favourite pornstar not only on screen but also as a state of the art toy. A PRIVATE masturbator offers you unlimited pleasure, as we bring you as close to having sex with these stunning pornstars as possible.

More pleasure, excitement and fantasy during masturbation? PRIVATE makes it possible! This trusted brand has the perfect product for every man! Use these toys while watching these superstars in action, or give control to your partner: the options are endless. These PRIVATE Tubes are available in various realistic designs, and are all supplied with free sachets of S8 Refreshing powder and S8 Original lubricant, so that the soft, welcoming, sleeve always feels like new...